Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine
Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine

Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine Tile Brushed, Chiseled, and Partially Filled

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Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine

Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine Tile Brushed, Chiseled, and Partially Filled - Sample

$9.90 / Pcs

You can give your home a dignified, old-world look with this natural stone tile from the best quarries in Turkey. Our Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine Tile provides the rustic look of a centuries-old Mediterranean home passed down many generations. The antique pattern is also known as French Pattern or Opus Pattern.

The perfect flooring choice for an Italian villa look, this high-quality natural stone tile is our best-selling travertine tile pattern.

The Volcano Antique Pattern Travertine Tile offers:

  • Antique Pattern comes with a wide variation from light beige to medium brown tones and adds a natural, warm and welcoming beauty to your house.
  • No one tile looks the same, providing a unique look, and the many color varieties will suit any decor
  • Tiles in the pattern are exact inch sizes and calibrated. Recommended installation is without a grout line. However, grout is still necessary for the chiseled edge of these tiles. The edging work on these tiles creates a hand-cut, rustic look and is the least slippery finish available.
  • We only select and use premium grade travertine tiles and never use anything with a lower grade or physical defected.
  • Volcano Pattern Set consists of 1 – 16”x24”x1/2”, 2 – 16”x16” x1/2”, 1 – 8”x16” x1/2”, 2 – 8”x8″x1/2”. Total of 8 square feet per box and a tile thickness of ½”
Travertine is a type of natural stone and formed around hot water springs. In general, there are 2 measures that industry takes into consideration while grading travertine and other marble tiles. These are variation and density or porosity for travertine.
Our Volcano Antique Pattern travertine gets 5 out of 5 for variation that is high variation and for density it gets 4 out of 5 that is good density.
  • Variation: 5/5
  • Density: 4/5
Variation is up to your taste but for density in general denser is better for longevity, stain resistance, and the wear-tear resistance. In general softer and more porous stones will require more maintenance. As you might know, porous stones absorption rate will be higher and they will stain a lot easier. You can always prevent this by using a heavy duty sealer but that will cost you more as well.
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4.9 overall

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  1. Maxim M I.

    Maxim M I.

  2. Chris T.

    Chris T.

  3. Brett T.

    beat my expectations

    Brett T.

  4. Thomas D.

    Thomas D.

  5. allan l.

    allan l.

  6. William P.

    William P.

  7. nicholas y.

    High quality material for unbeatable prices!

    nicholas y.

  8. Adriane S.

    We LOVE the product, we get so many compliments on the tile we chose.

    Adriane S.

  9. Kevin S

    Kevin S

  10. William S.

    William S.

  11. Michael A.

    Michael A.

  12. Matthew K.

    Matthew K.

  13. George F.

    George F.

  14. Jenny J.

    Jenny J.

  15. Darren M

    We had a few broken tiles in our delivery. Rene took care of it w/ nothing more than photos of the damaged pieces. Would highly recommend these folks to anyone shopping for products that they supply!

    Darren M

  16. JIM W.

    JIM W.

  17. Steve S.

    Beautiful travertine tile that was half the price of anyone I tried locally. Consider me completely satisfied.

    Steve S.

  18. KELLY N.

    Very happy. Exactly as promoted. Would use again. Beautiful stone tile.

    KELLY N.

  19. Nathan O.

    Beautiful tiles – minimal damage – very pleased.

    Nathan O.

  20. John D.

    John D.

  21. Michael M.

    Michael M.

  22. Deena T.

    Deena T.

  23. Bill H.

    Bill H.

  24. Leisa E.

    Leisa E.

  25. Donnie H.

    Donnie H.

  26. Frederick W.

    Again my installers here in Arizona were very impressed (as was I) with the tile itself. They said it was thick & had very few holes. They said most of what they see here is of lower quality.

    Frederick W.

  27. Denise R.

    It takes my breath away, I love this travertine tile and I felt the price was extremely competitive. The green skin was a quality product also.

    Denise R.

  28. Chris C.

    Chris C.

  29. jane e.

    jane e.

  30. Hillary P.

    Hillary P.

  31. Chad B.

    Fantastic stuff

    Chad B.

  32. thomas g.

    thomas g.

  33. Andy A.

    The quality of the flooring material was excellent. We used the antique pattern travertine tile.

    Andy A.

  34. Benjamin B

    Benjamin B

  35. PAMELA B.

    I really like the travertine and I would order from you again–although my expectations would be different.


  36. Fred D P.

    Fred D P.

  37. Rick T.

    Rick T.

  38. Kevin S.

    Kevin S.

  39. James B.

    James B.

  40. Ruben B.

    Ruben B.

  41. Rachel A.

    Rachel A.

  42. Jeffrey v.

    Jeffrey v.

  43. Janelle W.

    Janelle W.

  44. Gay V.

    Gay V.

  45. Georgine K.

    Georgine K.

  46. Peter K.

    Peter K.

  47. Greg J.

    The travertine was very good quality. It felt durable and survived a trip from Turkey to California with no damage.

    Greg J.

  48. Mary M.

    Beautiful! just as I expected.

    Mary M.

  49. John P.

    John P.

  50. Hector N.

    Hector N.

    Hector N.

  51. William P.

    William P.

  52. joan s.

    joan s.

  53. Maria W.

    Our floor will be installed soon. We love the travertine we selected.

    Maria W.

  54. Penny F.

    Penny F.

  55. Colin S.

    Love the product. Amazed by the quality and price.

    Colin S.

  56. Gabrielle B.

    I thought the tile pieces were smaller than they turned out to be and after the initial shock, I love it! It looks absolutely beautiful in my kitchen.

    Gabrielle B.

  57. Pamela C.

    working with Erica and your staff was a pleasure , they’re very pleasent and proffessional.

    Pamela C.

  58. Jan F.

    Jan F.

  59. robert b.

    Can’t touch this tile anywhere else for this price.

    robert b.

  60. Rolando B.

    My order of 304 square feet of Travertine was delivered directly into my garage on a pallet. The tile was banded in small bundles and had minimal breakage. I was impressed with how it was packaged because it made it easier to transport to the job site. Also, it was definitely worth the price since it was almost 50% off the normal price. I plan to do more business with Thulahome in the future.

    Rolando B.

  61. Astrid M.

    Beautiful stone, arrived almost entirely intact. Took a risk and ordered it without a sample. Product resembled the photos almost exactly. Very happy with my purchase.

    Astrid M.

  62. Chadwick H.

    Chadwick H.

  63. Mark F.

    Mark F.

    Mark F.

  64. William M

    I purchased 600 sq. ft. of Volcano Standard for my kitchen, sunroom, and dinning roof after spending several days looking at travertine at local shops priced 2-3 times more expensive. Tiles costing twice the price wholesale would be unfilled, have many holes, and was not as dense a stone. The tiles were delivered on wooden pallets and unloaded in my garage by the driver a few days after my order. This antique pattern only comes in nominal sizes. You cannot specify the tiles to be cut to allow for an 1/8″ joint. Customer service recommends butt jointing the tiles. My tile man and I quickly realized the pattern would not work if we used 1/8″ tile spacers so we butt jointed and partially filled in the chiseled edges as instructed by Build Direct. The travertine floor looks just like the website photos and I am very pleased with the results. I ordered a second delivery of tile to install at my front porch.

    William M

  65. Rodney P.

    Rodney P.

    Rodney P.

  66. Toby N.

    I bought this tile 3 years ago. Each set (1 large, 2 lg square, 2 sm square and 1 rectangle came boxed individually in a cardboard box with the suggested pattern printed on each box. This year I bought the tile and only the corners were protected by cardboard, tile exposed and no pattern. Luckily, I had the pattern and yes, I could print out the picture you have on line but for someone purchasing the product for the first time it would not be as easy as it was to follow when you had it on the box.

    Toby N.

  67. William R.

    William R.

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